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Cell Tagging for in vitro and in vivo tracing 

As useful tools for scientific research, reporter stable cell lines are those cells involved in the expression of reporter protein(s) which are engineered through integrating the reporter expression cassettes into cell genomes mediated by plasmid or lentivirus vectors. In the studies of life science and biotechnology, the commonly used reporter genes are visually identifiable including green fluorescent protein (GFP), red fluorescent protein (RFP), and luciferase, etc.

According to the upstream regulator of the reporter gene, reporter cell lines can be further divided into two groups:


1) Constitutive Reporter Cell Lines in which reporters are constitutively expressed under the control of a constitutive, strong promoter such as CMV promoter.


2) Inducible Reporter Cell Lines in which reporters are inducibly expressed under the control of a minimal promoter fused to multiple inducer response elements.

Based on years of experience and in-depth investigation, scientists at ATCS Inc have established a large number of stable reporter cells in many popular cell lines suitable for multiple applications.

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