Custom ELISA Service Package #1:  Setting Up New Assays


Can not find commercially available ELISA Kits for your antigens of interest? Or having trouble to create your own home-brew ELISA assay kits. Let the ELISA experts from ATCS Inc help you:

(1)  You tell us your antigens of your interests: name of antigens, species, types of samples (cell lysate, serum or plasma).

(2)    After consultation with our IHC expert, you initiate a request for our ELISA Service One (together with the full project cost $5000) under a service agreement.

(3)    We will set up the ELISA assay which will meet your needs as stated in the service agreement. 

(4)    A detailed protocol for this custom ELISA kit will be provided at the end of our service.

(5)    If we fail to set up the ELISA assay for your antigen of interest, we will refund $4000 (minus $1000 cost for consumables).


* Note: If no commercial antibodies are available for your antigens of interests, please use our Custom Antibody Service, so we can make one available for you. 

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