Custom IHC Service One:  Setting Up New IHC Protocol


Looking for antibodies working with IHC for antigens of your interests? As you may have already known that not all commercial antibodies work as good as they are claimed in their data sheets. Here comes our IHC Service One, we will screen the commercially available antibodies* for you, so you can spare your precious time for something you are good at.  In the end of our service, we will find you THE antibody which works on your sections. If we fail, you get most of your money back. How does this service work?


(1) You tell us what you want to stain: antigen, species, and preferred IHC methods (paraffin vs frozen; DAB vs fluorescent)?

(2) After consultation protocol for IHC and the source of antibody

(3) As stated, if we fail to find you an antibody which works on your section, you will receive the refund of $2500.00 ($500.00 is used for consumables).


* Note: If no commercial antibody is available for your antigens of interests, please use our Custom Antibody Service, so we can make one for you. 

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